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ATLAS Logistics, proven experience across a wide range of industry sectors


Acting as a bridge between manufacturers and assembly lines in every sector, Bolloré Logistics has built up a wealth of experience and the specific expertise needed in the following industries:

     - Automotive

     - Chemicals & Petrochemicals

     - High-Tech

     - Telecom

     - Energy Technologies


ATLAS Logistics services offer a rapid response to the needs of these highly versatile markets, providing customers with innovative solutions to improve asset utilization, reduce transport costs or optimise their stock management.


Upstream or downstream of production, ATLAS Logistics' goal is to streamline supply chain productivity.


Upstream, as industry customers also diversify their procurement with new approved suppliers from around the world, particularly the emerging countries, ATLAS Logistics' high value-added solutions include supplier management and the consolidation of shipments on ATLAS Logistics platforms.


Downstream, time-to-market is critical and requires flawless after-sales logistics. ATLAS Logistics' regional distribution centres mean it is able to operate even closer to customers, carrying operations on products to cut transit times and still guarantee unrivalled flexibility and reactivity. They also play a critical role in the management of reverse logistics for maintenance, repairs or recycling.


ATLAS Logistics, an end-to-end approach


Whatever its customers' requirements, all ATLAS Logistics solutions systematically include a comprehensive diagnosis of their needs and objectives, information management systems that are underpinned by global processes and integrated tools, and a commitment to continuous improvement based on strict performance criteria.