OCEAN FREIGHT - Atlas Logistics Viet Nam

OCEAN FREIGHT - Atlas Logistics Viet Nam

OCEAN FREIGHT - Atlas Logistics Viet Nam

OCEAN FREIGHT - Atlas Logistics Viet Nam

OCEAN FREIGHT - Atlas Logistics Viet Nam
OCEAN FREIGHT - Atlas Logistics Viet Nam

ATLAS LOGISTICS VIET NAM can ship your goods anywhere in the world, with no restriction as to size, weight or mode. Our global team will guide your freight through regulatory compliances and customs points, with local oversight at thousands of destinations in Asia, Europe, America, Africa and Oceania.



No matter the size of your packing container or how much stuff you need to ship, our company specializes in what you need. We offer loose shipments, full container load shipments, as well as over-dimensional and conventional cargo packaging. Loose shipments are less-than-container loads, in which we do not fill the whole container, such as in a full load. Sometimes this is the optimal choice for your products. Whatever you decide, you can trust that we package your items safely to prevent any damage.



If you don’t want to ship a whole load, or don’t have enough to fill a whole load, we can assist you with packing a smaller amount of freight. Your items will travel in a shipping container with that of other businesses’ items which are going to the same port. This way, you get the same care and protection as a full container load without coming up with the items needed to fill the container completely.





A full container load allows all of your goods to arrive together and also allows you to load your own freight since it will not be packaged with another person’s items in the container. Our container options give you the choice in picking the right container for your needs.


Not only do we make sure your items are shipped safely to their final destination, we also offer door-to-door services. We work to pre-arrange everything that is essential to providing you with successful shipment of your cargo. As part of our numerous services we make transport arrangements for you including taking care of your container bookings; working as liaisons between you and the shipping lines; and taking care of your document preparation in order to make your cargo shipping as easy and painless as possible.


We don’t just make sure that your item is shipped properly; we offer shipping insurance; we do your packaging for you; and we also offer all of the items you need to ship your cargo.



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